I am Kiki Counduros, artistic name Conti,

a Berlin-based Argentinian-Greek artist.

I create intuitive, unique, hand-painted compositions across a broad range of media, with a specialty in luxurious silk. After many years of music formation and studies, body expression courses, dance, ceramic, I discovered the world of silk art.

Silk painting... a mesmerising world! The cocoon produces metres of silk thread which later becomes flowing silk fabric. This material is then painted through a procedure, resembling a conversation without words. The colour gives it life and emotion. My compositions take the form of artworks, art objects and even wearable pieces of art.

I also create paintings with gold leaf, silver, iron & a plethora of interesting media. My abstract compositions are free-flowing and naturalistic, emitting natural positivity and a love for life. I think of them as visual celebrations of freedom.

My inspiration and motor is music. I express my deeper feelings with a freedom of movement which opens a channel of raw energy. Instead of improvising with music, I improvise with paint and art in different forms. Art always opens up new horizons and enables the evolution of the self, liberating the spirit free from all boundaries.


Solo exhibitions

2007 - Kunst Boutique, Linz - Austria
2011 - Old Mayor House, Andros - Greece
2011 - Art Ouzerie, Andros - Greece
2014 - Transparencies - Hotel Perrakis - Andros - Greece
2016 - Colour and Form - Art and Jewelry - Gallery Padova - Italy

Group exhibitions

2004 - Worte sind Luft, Alte Feuerwache, Berlin - Germany
2006 - Farbklänge - Klangbilder Victor Gollanz - VHS Berlin - Germany
2009 - Typisch Weiblich, Alte Feuerwache, Berlin - Germany
2011 - Art Gallery - Jose Ignacio - Uruguay
2012 - Farbenrausch - Victor Gollanz VHS Berlin - Germany
2014 - Art Hotel - Berlin - Germany
2018 - Werk Ausstellung, Art House - Caputh - Germany
2020 - Participation at Luxembourg Art Prize with 5 art works
2021 - Idroussa - Group exhibition - Andros - Greece